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Ag/Business Management


Lamar Community College's Ag/Business Management certificate program provides instruction to area farmers and ranchers in Baca, Prowers, Kiowa and Cheyenne counties that will give them the necessary tools to make sound business decisions based on enterprise and farm analysis and accurate records.

Enrollment in the Ag/Business Management program is based on a unit. A unit may be a single person, farm or ranch couple, owner and manager or any combination of two people involved in the record keeping of a farm or ranch operation.

Requirements for program eligibility in the Ag/Business Management program include that students must be actively operating a farm/ranch, or have the approval of the instructor.

Classes are scheduled at times that coincide with the timetable of the Agricultural Business and include individual instruction through on the farm visits by the instructor.

Clients have the eligibility to complete a program of four one year certificates that include:

  • Certificate One: Ag/Business Planning and Financial Records
    First Year Fall
    ABM 111 - Records and Business Planning I
    ABM 113 - Records and Business Planning I-A

    First Year Spring
    ABM 112 - Records and Business Planning II
    ABM 114 - Records and Business Planning II-A
      • Certificate Two: Ag/Business Financial Analysis
        Second Year Fall
        ABM 121 - Financial Analysis I
        ABM 123 - Financial Analysis I-A

        Second Year Spring
        ABM 122 - Financial Analysis II
        ABM 124 - Financial Analysis II-A

          • Certificate Three: Ag/Business Marketing and Risk Management
            Third Year Fall
            ABM 131 - Commodity Marketing I
            ABM 137 - Advanced Marketing I

            Third Year Spring
            ABM 132 - Commodity Marketing II
            ABM 138 - Advanced Marketing II

              • Certificate Four: Advanced Ag/Business Management
                Fourth Year Fall
                ABM 135 - Marketing and Risk Management I
                ABM 141 - Advanced Business Management I

                Fourth Year Spring
                ABM 136 - Marketing and Risk Management II
                ABM 142 - Advanced Business Management II

                  Upon Completion of the Program:

                  The skills a successful client can expect to gain depend on each individual's abilities and commitment as well as the size and scope of the farming/ranching operation, but in general a student is able to complete the following:

                  • Establish short, intermediate and long term goals and set priorities both for the agricultural business and family living.
                  • Utilize the computer as a tool to help organize and manage the agricultural business.
                  • Develop and maintain an accurate and complete system of farm/ranch and/or family living records.
                  • Develop financial reports: balance sheet, income statements, cash flows, budgets and inventories.
                  • Analyze and interpret records of the total farm/ranch business as well as enterprising through the use of computer generated reports.
                  • Utilize analysis data to improve the decisions made regarding the organization and efficiency of the farm or ranch.
                  • Recognize the long-term effect of current and future decisions on the agriculture on the agriculture business and farm/ranch life.

                  Potential clients wishing to learn more about the program or to learn about enrolling in the program should contact the Ag/Business Management Department at Lamar Community College.

                  Brad Malone
                  Ag/Business Management Instructor
                  2401 South Main
                  Lamar, CO 81052

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                  program at Lamar Community College


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